Inspiration is one of the key ingredients of a healthy life, but staying inspired is one of life’s biggest challenges. Indeed, countless stories recount how cancer survivors used inspiration to beat the disease or least add years to their lives beyond doctor expectations. But where do you go to find that kind of inspiration?

Whenever I’ve come across a person who is inspiring, I want to tell the world about them in hopes that they, too, will find the same jolt or infusion that I’ve found. One such person I came to know several years ago is Simon T. Bailey. Simon is a former leader of the world-renowned Disney Institute and founder of Brilliance Institute Inc.

Previously, I was part of an organization that hosted several events throughout the year—small, medium and large-scale conferences. Our largest event each year consisted of about 2,000 attendees. Simon was an invited keynote speaker at two of these high-profile events, and the audience could not get enough.¬†At his book signings, Simon drew long lines of people eager to chat for just a moment and, in that flurry, was able to infuse just a tad of his unending energy. He’s a lot of fun but does not play when it comes to encouraging people to squeeze every drop of joy, brilliance, and excellence out of life.

Here is a brief video that gives you a taste of what he offers. I recommend checking out his books as well. After all, you can never be inspired too much in life.

(you may have to refresh once to see the video)