Corporate Bod is a blog and magazine dedicated to healthy living, managing the insurance maze, and ideas for food, travel and fun.

Health and healthcare issues are in the news every day on television and just about everywhere else. There is so much misinformation on critical health topics—everything from insurance to nutrition to exercise—the need for a trusted source is great right now. The goal of Corporate Bod is to provide research, testing, and opinion on the topics that matter most to those seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Bod is about collectively keeping us out of the doctor’s office, if possible, and at peak health. That takes balance, discipline and dedication.

Too often, doctors are quick to prescribe pill or surgery. Insurance coverage seems to have to high an impact on the path your doctor may recommend. While you may need pills at times, can you avoid them or get off them more quickly with food and exercise? Sometimes you’ll have to deal with insurance, but how can you keep your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum and yet not sacrifice excellent care? These are just a sample of the topics we’ll seek to cover.

Do we have all the answers? No, but we will provide great information and resources that you can test out and apply for your unique body and needs.

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